Geophysical surveys require sophisticated hardware and highly trained professionals to be deployed to remote places around the globe. Many undiscovered mineral targets lie deep below the earth’s surface, with little to no surface expression. The best understanding of the subsurface can be achieved through careful design and modeling of geophysical surveys and the utilization of the most advanced software tools available for data processing, inversion and interpretation.

By providing these services, Computational Geosiences Inc. can help our clients maximize the value of information obtained from ground and airborne exploration surveys, and increase the probability of sucessfully identifying exploration targets. CGI strives to deliver exceptional service and help our clients achieve their business objectives in the most effective and efficient way.

Computational Geosiences Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada, a hub for junior and major mineral exploration companies. 

Strategic Partnership

Computational Geosciences Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with High Power Exploration Inc. (HPX) where HPX will provide geophysical data collection services to complement our data processing and inversion capabilities. 

Upcoming Geophysical Events

Computational Geosciences Inc. attends a number of trade shows and conferences each year. Meet up with us and discuss what we can do to help your exploration program !