Strong Basement Conductors Supported by Surface Geochemistry on Stewardson

In June 2013, a property-wide helicopter-borne electromagnetic (EM) geophysical survey was completed over the Stewardson Lake project (Stewardson project), Athabasca Basin, Northern Saskatchewan [map link]. The survey was conducted by Geotech Ltd. (Geotech) using their natural source Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic (ZTEM) system. The property wide airborne ZTEM survey resulted in the collection of 779 line-kms of geophysical data at 500 m line-spacing. Three-dimensional (3D) inversion modeling of the ZTEM data was completed by Computational Geosciences Inc. (CGI) from Vancouver, BC, in collaboration with Lawrence Bzdel, an independent geophysical consultant fromSaskatoon, SK.The 3D inversion modeling of the ZTEM data resulted in identifying two (2) prominent basement conductive features that transect the Stewardson project [map link]. These conductive features are interpreted to be the northern extension of the C- and E-conductors identified on Cameco's Virgin River project, which adjoins the Stewardson Project to the south.  Among other features, the 3D modeling identified three (3) significant target areas associated with these conductors , identified as A, B and C. These prominent target areas are considered major basement conductive features that warrant further ground geochemical and geophysical follow-up to vector drilling.


Taranis Engages Computational Geoscience Inc. to Undertake Evaluation of Naakenavaara Geophysics

Taranis Resources Inc. ("Taranis") [TSX.V: TRO] is pleased to announce that it has engaged Computational Geosciences Inc. (“CGI”) of Vancouver, British Columbia to evaluate geophysical data on its Naakenavaara 1-4 Mining Claims, and its Naakenavaara 5-14 Mining Claim Applications in Finland. - See more at:


Geophysical and Drilling Progress in the Owen Stanley Region 

A 2,000 line kilometre airborne ZTEM (Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic) and aeromagnetic geophysical survey covering approximately 50km x 10km area at 400m line spacing (300m line spacing over Liamu) was completed in January. Both the Liamu Project and the Jog Target areas are situated within this northwest trending survey area. Perth based Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd conducted the helicopter-borne survey and geophysical consultants, Computational Geosciences Inc out of Canada, will process and interpret the data.