Exploration and Survey Design

Computational Geosciences offers a complete solution for geophysical exploration and survey design. CGI performs 3D computer simulations to ensure that the geophysical survey will provide the desired results (such as depth and spacial resolution) before proceeding with expensive data acquisition.

CGI works closely with geophysical service providers and exploration companies to ensure you get the highest quality data. The geophysical survey design can also be tailored to optimize efficiency in the data aquisition process and minimize exploration costs. 

The Benefits
  • Select the best suite of geophysical methods, optimally define the target and determine the survey parameters such as transmitter / receiver locations and operating frequencies
  • Optimize survey desgin given a specific budget and a cost model for each project
  • Validate the performance of the survey design using 3D computer simulations on our suite of geological models
3D Geophysical Inversion Modelling

3D Inversions

Computational Geosciences Inc.'s 3D inversion algorithms are based on the leading edge innovation in data-processing, with some of the codes licensed from the UBC Geophysical Inversion Facility. We offer data quality assurances as well as pre-processing services to our clients.

  • Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetics (ZTEM)
  • Ground time & frequency electromagnetics
  • Airborne time & frequency electromagnetics
  • DC resistivity & Induced polarization (HPX)
  • Magnetometric Resistivity (MMR)
  • Magnetotellurics (MT)
  • Total field & gradient magnetics
  • Total field, gradient & full tensor gravity
    (FALCON, Bell Geospace, SGL)
The Benefits
  • CGI offers the only solution in the market to perform 3D inversions for large conductivity contrasts
  • CGI performs detailed regional inversions (~10003 cells) utilizing advanced OcTree meshing
  • CGI provides rapid turnaround times and delivers results quickly
  • CGI can re-process and invert previously collected geophysical surveys in order to ensure the maximum extraction of information
Maximize the value of Exploration