Core Capabilities

Computational Geoscience Is Founded On Three Pillars Of Excellence

Platform Technologies

Industry-leading 3D inversion and artificial intelligence platform technologies enable rapid development and deployment for our customers.

Domain Expertise

All of our solutions are grounded with world-class industry experience with a track record of breaking through the status quo.

Customer Focus

We stand behind our products and services with reliability for and trust from our customers fostering long term relationships.

Why Computational Geosciences?

Platform Technologies

We have led the transformation of geophysical inversion and artificial intelligence from an academic pursuit to a sustainable commercial enterprise.

Customer Focus

We understand your success is our success, and we share your need to maximize your return on investment and insight from your data to make the best decisions possible.

Thought Leadership

We maintain thought leadership with continuous investment into our platform technologies and original research.

Artificial Intelligence

"Computational Geosciences has provided electromagnetic modeling, both during the survey design and ultimately the data inversion, for Zonge’s mining, energy, and environmental customers.  Christoph and Mike have both been excellent partners in providing the outstanding inversion products to those clients."

Scott Urquhart, President, Managing Geophysicist, Zonge International

"At the Frotet project in Quebec, CGI's 3D inversion models were integral in imaging gold-bearing structures within sulphidized intrusive rocks that are completely concealed by glacial deposits and lakes. From their models, we were able to target small chargeable zones which ultimately led to the Regnault discovery in March, 2020."

Francis MacDonald, Executive Vice President of Exploration, Kenorland Minerals

“Computational Geosciences has been an excellent group to work with for geophysical data 3D inversions.  We have relied on them for imaging targets under cover for many years and they have been a key part of our exploration workflow”

Michael Henrichsen, VP Exploration, Furry Gold Mines

“Ocean Floor Geophysics partnered with Computational Geosciences for forward modelling and inversion of towed CSEM and a novel AUV-CSEM project. They have excellent capabilities to customize solutions that could handle our unique data sets which ultimately allowed us to provide the right product to our clients”

Matthew Kowalczyk, CEO, Ocean Floor Geophysics