Advanced, Proprietary
In-House Software

At Computational Geosciences, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our advanced, proprietary in-house software technologies to the problem at hand.

Technology by itself is just a tool. Without knowledge and domain expertise, technology alone will never be able to deliver the results you require. Our team's unique combination of expertise in the natural resources sector and cutting-edge algorithmic expertise allows us to develop 3D geophysical and artificial intelligence solutions to tackle your most challenging problems.

We offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to your specific business needs in the discovery-to-closure lifecycle, as well as customized AI solutions to automate, streamline and improve your existing processes.

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Why 3D

The subsurface is inherently 3D, and is a result of complex, overlapping geological processes related to deposition, genesis, metamorphism, deformation, alteration and erosion.

Established to model, invert and automate the world in 3D, Computational Geoscience has transformed the geophysical interpretation industry, with 3D solutions spanning airborne, ground, marine, and borehole.


Applying advanced innovation for success

Geophysical Modelling and Inversion

Macroscopic physical properties in the subsurface reflecting geological complexities are typically at scale lengths in the order of meters. Common geophysical surveys have large spatial coverage. For modeling without local grid refinement, the 3D earth model must be discretized with a mesh containing many millions of cells, resulting in an extremely large system of equations that are demanding to solve, even with large-cluster or cloud computing resources.

Artificial Intelligence

Given all the laws of physics , a deterministic relationship between acquired data and actionable insight isn’t obvious in many industrial applications. When a problem is characterized by an unknown relationship between acquired data and the actional insight that is desired from it, the various techniques of AI are powerful data-driven approaches to learn those relationships, and confidently predict future scenarios.